CAS No. : 425377-76-0

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Cat. No. : HY-19505
M.Wt: 391.37
Formula: C21H15F2N5O
Purity: >98 %
Solubility: 10 mM in DMSO
Introduction of 425377-76-0 :

TPA-023B is a high-affinity and orally active GABAA receptor α2/α3 subtype (Kis of 0.73 nM/2 nM) partial agonist and a α1 subtype (Ki of 1.8 nM) antagonist. TPA-023B has non-sedating anxiolytic-like properties[1]. In Vitro: TPA-023B also has high affinity for α5 subtype (Ki of 1.1 nM) of human recombinant GABAA receptor, but over 1500-fold lower for the α4- and α6 containing subtypes (Ki > 1000 nM). TPA-023B also has a comparable affinity for native rat GABAA receptors in different regions of the CNS (Ki of 0.32-0.99 nM in cerebellum, spinal cord and frontal cortex)[1].
TPA-023B antagonizes the ability of chlordiazepoxide to potentiate the GABA EC20-induced current in cells expressing the α1 subtype. More specifically, 3 μM chlordiazepoxide potentiates the GABA EC20 current by 105% and this effect could be reduced to 8% in the presence of 100 nM TPA-023B[1]. In Vivo: TPA-023B gives dose- and time-dependent occupancy of rat brain GABAA receptors as measured using an in vivo [3H]flumazenil binding assay, with 50% occupancy corresponding to a respective dose and plasma drug concentration of 0.09 mg/kg and 19 ng/mL[1].
TPA-023B is anxiolytic in rodent and primate (squirrel monkey) models of anxiety (elevated plus maze, fear-potentiated startle, conditioned suppression of drinking, conditioned emotional response) yet has no significant effects in rodent or primate assays of ataxia and/or myorelaxation (rotarod, chain-pulling, lever pressing), up to doses (10 mg/kg) corresponding to occupancy of greater than 99%[1].

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