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HY-10005  |  Flavopiridol
HY-10008  |  SNS-032
HY-10012  |  AZD-5438
HY-10014  |  R547
HY-10032  |  PF 477736
HY-10087  |  Navitoclax
HY-10128  |  ZM-447439
HY-10161  |  Tozasertib
HY-10180  |  MLN8054
HY-10192  |  NVP-TAE 684
HY-10228  |  Motesanib
HY-10249  |  GSK-690693
HY-10355  |  AKT inhibitor VIII
HY-10358  |  MK 2206 (dihydrochloride)
HY-10992  |  AZD-7762
HY-10997  |  PCI-32765
HY-11001  |  PHA-793887
HY-11002  |  CP-466722
HY-11007  |  GNF-2
HY-11009  |  CGP60474
Cat.No. Product Name / Activity Added
HY-100002 ML162 October 2017
HY-100003 ML210 October 2017
HY-100006 MRT68921 October 2017
MRT68921 is the most potent inhibitor of <b>ULK1</b> and <b>ULK2</b>, with <b>IC<sub>50</sub></b> values of 2.
HY-100006A MRT68921 (hydrochloride) October 2017
MRT68921 hydrochloride is the most potent inhibitor of both ULK1 and ULK2, with greater than a 15-fold reduction in the IC50 for ULK1 (2.
HY-100015 Mivebresib October 2017
Mivebresib, a novel BET family inhibitor, disrupts critical transcription programs that drive prostate cancer growth to induce potent anti-tumor activity in vitro and in vivo.
HY-100036 MK-4101 October 2017
MK-4101 is a potent SMO Inhibitor of the Hedgehog Pathway, highly active against Medulloblastoma and Basal Cell Carcinoma.
HY-100072 Methyl (2E,4E,6Z)-decatrienoate October 2017
HY-100079 Mutagenic Impurity of Tenofovir Disoproxil October 2017
9H-Purin-6-amine, 9-(1E)-1-propen-1-yl- is a mutagenic impurity in tenofovir disoproxil fumarate.
HY-100104 Morpholine, 4-(4-nitrosophenyl)- October 2017
HY-100105 Morpholine, 4,4'-(azodi-4,1-phenylene)bis-, (E)- October 2017
HY-100116 Mitoquinone October 2017
HY-100116A Mitoquinone (mesylate) October 2017
Mitoquinone mesylate is a <b>mitochondria</b>-targeted antioxidant designed to accumulate within mitochondria in vivo in order to protect against oxidative damage.
HY-100117 MDL 427 October 2017
HY-100120 MBX 8025 October 2017
HY-100127 ML247 October 2017
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